Apple's Cubic VR technology is a part of QuickTime™. With this addition, Apple's QTVR received a major capability boost. Unless you are up to date, you will need to download QuickTime™ to view these Cubic QTVR movies, if you haven't already. These Cubic VR movies were made by A.C. Farley from Altered Earth Arts using Form Z, ElectricImage and an Apple beta app, 'MakeCubicPPC', CubicConverter and CubicConnector.

This page holds links to my current Cubic QTVR examples. At this time. there are now 8 nodes in the giant Convection Power Shaft with HTML hotspot links. I think, of the samples I've done, this impossibly gigantic vertical shaft will display the Cubic VR potential the most. If you are afraid of heights, it will certainly give you the creeps. It has links to travel up and down. That's different. This Cubic VR is exactly what QTVR needed, and even typical interiors benefit. Such as the E Mag Chamber samples linked below. It is now possible to include directional stereo sound in the cube movies as well. I'll add that to these samples later.

There's a walkthrough of the E Mag Chamber (below) and I've embedded HTML navigation links in that as well. Soon enough, I'll have the hallways between the E Mag Chamber and the Shaft and a complete linked walkthrough that begins at an elevator.

I've included a QTVR walkthrough of the Words And Pictures Museum of Sequential Art. This was converted to a Cubic VR movie to an older VR movie using CubicConverter and CubicConnector. I recommend these two apps with GREAT ENTHUSIASM.

For now, here is what I have... have fun with it.

...But first you may need to download and install QuickTime 5.0 or higher, if you haven't already.

Click the image above to download QuickTime.

The Convection Power Shaft CubicVR
from the "Recombatants™"

Shaft Walkthrough
Go see the Convection Power
Shaft CubicVR

The E-Mag Chamber CubicVR
from the "Recombatants™"

Enter The E-Mag Chamber

The Words And Pictures Museum CubicVR

Explore the Words And Pictures Museum

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