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Want to read the Recombatants™ comic #1?
This is a link to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (4Mb) of the complete first issue, in color ...which is the only way you will see it in color, since the book will be printed in black and white. You will need to send an e-mail to help@alteredearth.com to get a password e-mailed to you, so that you can open the PDF file.

'Recombatants™ (Formerly "Bioneers") is artist A.C. Farley's own creation. Recombatants is SF/adventure oriented and features lots of high tech robots, equipment, and heroics. The three issues of the Recombatants comic are in the works. Pub dates are scheduled for Winter 2004. This Recombatants game 'proof of concept' material, made by Altered Earth Arts, is in progress. Link to the Andersohn Laboratories secure network will get you all the info you will need on the Bioneers.

From you can gain access the command, control and communications net connection ( C3-Net ) at Andersohn Laboratories in Amherst, Massachusetts. Just be ready for alot of security flags. It is after all, supposed to be a secure system. Once you are into the works, you will be free to access almost all of the stored info on the Recombatant Project. Files on the genetic recombinants themselves, company and military personnel files, technology briefs on the Protozoid Robots and other top secret Andersohn Labs technology. Also complete up to date info on the mad doctor Edward Bushkill and the two ultra-aggressive Recombatants that he created in secret after his dismissal from the program.


Click here to enter the....Andersohn Labs C3-Net

or read the Game Synopsis below first...


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Game Synopsis
(formerly "Bioneers")

Welcome. You've just arrived at your new assignment. Andersohn Laboratories, home of the government sanctioned Recombatants™ program. You're new here. Familiarize yourself with the technology, tour the facility and meet the unusual inhabitants - Team Dragonfighters USSOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command), genetic Recombatants Garth Felis and Carmilla O'Reilly and their technological teammates, Fe, Fi, Fo, and Fum,the protozoid robots (FEarless, FIrebrand, FOrward Alert/Recon.and FUMigator). Pilot the X3 Hornet on a daring mission. Saddle up the amazing Supercruiser flying motorcycle. Go to the weapons range and qualify as a marksman using the awesome firepower in the Dragonfighter's arsenal. Accompany the Dragonfighters on a hair-raising rescue missions where time is of the essence.

Immediately after your exhaustive rescue efforts, you and your new teammates are called to the asteroid belt to aid miners trapped there by the contentious alien race, the Zentaqui. Upon arrival, you discover the miners have found a component of an ancient alien technology. for the last five years, the Zentaqui have been mining our solar system's asteroid belt under treaty with the governments of Earth. Now it turns out that mining ore was not their real purpose. Locating this item was. Deciphering a bit of the glyphs on the object, you come to the conclusion it is one small component of a larger item. Feared to be possibly?...probably? an ultimate weapon! Certain clues point to a locations on other planets in our solar system. It is decided that the object will not be delivered to the Zentaqui until all of the parts can be recovered and it's purpose is determined.

Now begins a voyage of mystery and adventure as you arrive at the Terran colony on Mars. From there, travel to many ancient sites throughout the sloar system. One site, an eons old, forgotten, Martian underground city. A city full of wonders and beauty. Clearly abandoned for ages, the technology found there is still operable! Many of the items you find along your way will aid you in your mission. Take care - some may be dangerous! In any case, don't forget your mission objectives because the relentless Zentaqui are right on your heels! Can you collect all the components before the Zentaqui? Or persuade them to work with you? And whoever gets the components - what will they build?