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Protozoid 001 Fearless ( FE )

Weight: 800 lbs.

Group Affiliation:Team Dragonfighters special attachment at Andersohn Labs.
Weapons: concealed claw fingertips, electric mini-gun (right), flamethrower (right), grenade launcher (left), spare magazines on both shoulders, programmed to be fearless.

Fierce close combat fighting machine - a battling buzzsaw. This Protozoid had to undergo program correction to prevent self destruction in positive threat situations. It was so well programmed to be fearless, that it would discount it's own survivability as an option if it's possible destruction would bring about the quickest solution to a mission. ( We don't call him Fearless for nothin' ) Luckily this flaw became obvious in early training missions. The addition of the new logic circuitry keeps it from destroying itself to fulfill a mission objective, unless of course, it becomes necessary. Care should be taken around this one. It is made to be very agressive.